Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Willamette River Railway - Layout Construction Update

I had the good fortune to hook up at the train show with Super Thayne 13 the without a mustache.  He's doing well and shared with me some pix of his layout which has all the roadbed installed.
Think I'll get with him soon and pitch in on laying the 50 turnouts that this layout requires.  Any excuse to drink beer with Thayne!

The layout area is very nice.  I like the skylights.  Look at the smooth roadbed lines!

This picture is taken from the entry way.  These are the two lift out sections.

You can see some of the many turnouts laying in the yard area.  Lots of work there, and even more in the switching district.

I hear he has his supply of resin water to pour, so the river area will look awesome.  He's already done all the experimenting.

The grain silos go here, probably as a backdrop.

Notice the riser on the lower left...very nice!

Great lighting!  Nice room.  I'll try to get over there in the next week or two and help out.  Thanks for the update Thayne!

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