Sunday, November 29, 2009

HOn3 becoming the new On30?

It appears that HOn3 is on the rise with more affordable and available rolling stock and track. Still, locos are hard to find.

If there were available and affordable locos, would HOn3 explode like On30 did due to its compact size?

I think it would...

Once I get a few layouts off my plate, I'm going to work on an HOn3 layout design.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Layout Tours

The Piedmont Division of the NMRA's layout tour program called The Piedmont Pilgrimage is still one of my all time favorite events.

This weekend I was able to see Charles Aycock's Piedmont & Southern layout. This layout is complete and all the scenery is wonderfully done. I just had to stop and chat with Charlie about his dirt roads. They were wonderfully done and looked very realistic.

Ran into my friend I. D. Jackson who is ready to design his Georgia Northeastern Railroad, so I was able to pick up his deminsions. We'll send him the questionaire and then get started about Christmas time.

I also ran into Dan Berman and went to see his Georgia Southern layout. This was a track plan that I designed about two years ago just for Dan. While it doesn't fit an exact prototype it appears to be a lot of run to run. Dan has all the trackage in as well as the wiring.

By special appointment I was able to visit Perry Lamb's Utah, Colorado & Western. This is a fantastic modern layout and appears to be lots of fun to operate. His train room is finished to the "T" so it is always a nice place to visit.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What's New In the Basement

I designed a new layout and it is now under construction!

Follow along here...