Saturday, October 26, 2013

Selling Off Most of My Model Train Collection

Hi folks!  I've finally decided that I've about had enough of model railroading here in Utah.  I'm out of the NMRA now, with special thanks to the local Division.  So I'm selling off the vast majority of my model train collection.  Decided to keep my On30 models, scratchbuilt items and some equipment for the small layout I have in the basement. I may convert the current layout to On30 now that I'm no longer working on Master Model Railroader status.  I am keeping my tools, which I may use later.


If you want some REALLY good deals on some great train equipment...come to the train show here in Utah.

I'll have two tables there, but will have way more than I can put on the two tables.  Featured items are:

  • Modern HO freight cars, new in the box and less than what I paid for them
  • Out of production kits and collectibles
  • Rare Tyco Coca-Cola cars from the illegal print run, shiny gloss
  • Sherline Mini Mill and Lathe along with tools:  $2,500 equipment for $800!!!
  • Lots of out of print books, some UP and Southern Pacific
  • Kalmbach How To Books and a Big Book of DCC
  • Some S scale equipment
  • Some N scale equipment
  • Scenery Materials and Track
  • Much Much More!

If nothing else, drop by and say hello!!

See you there!