Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Green River

What an excellent afternoon!  I went to visit my new friend Bob and got acquainted with his fabulous Green River layout.  Its a Union Pacific themed HO layout featuring big power, long runs and amazing scenery!

Sorry I don't have pictures...but I will next time!

So many layouts and new friend!

Hey Steve Moore...thanks for all the leads!  I'll start running them down one by one.

Friday, September 24, 2010

On30 Jackpot

While my buddies in Atlanta are enjoying train night...I'm stuck in a hotel in Utah.  Today I had lunch with a new friend and learned all about his HO scale layout.  He invited me over tomorrow to see it, so I'll be headed out there and will let you know what I see.  The premilinary pix are incredible!

He told me about a hobby shop called the Train Shoppe so I stopped in after work.  It was full of narrow gauge and a lot of On30!  Naturally I had to buy some!

I came home with...

A San Juan Car Company S3038 box car
A set of East Broad Top two bay hoppers
And a Baldwin outside braced Consolidation, painted and unlettered.

What fun!  It is so nice to go to a hobby shop that carries what I like!  But drat....the WIFE.  I had no sooner put the $300 bucks on the debit card when she sent me a nasty email asking why I was at the train store!  I hadn't even gotten the car started!  I got to find her something to do with her free time...which she says she doesn't have any.

She didn't even say "thanks honey for working so hard and getting the bonus that was deposited in the bank today!"  

So..I'm going to drink a soda and open the boxes!  What fun!

I also got a lead on an On30 modular group here in town.  My be just what the doctor ordered.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


It's official.  I'm moving my family from Atlanta to Utah.  I've taken a new job in Salt Lake City and will be relocating soon. 

Please don't be surprised if I don't blog between now and December, but look forward to new things happening in January!