Sunday, November 10, 2013

048 The Augusta Railway - Clapboard Arrives! Time To Build!

There is nothing more fun that getting something that you ordered by mail order.  I love it!  But before I do that let me tell you that I just got back from Las Vegas where I spent the weekend with my sweetheart and bride of 10 years as we celebrated our anniversary.  Happy Anniversary, Marie!!!

Here is the package as it arrived.  It was well packed, well marked and arrived safely.  Normally I order so many things that I don't always know what I bought, but in this case, I know it was wood from my friend Richard Bendever in Atlanta.

Yes!!!  Clapboard!  The necessity of life if you want to make a model of an older structure.  This clapboard is in sheets measuring 12" x 6" and is 1/8" thick.  This is for an O-scale small station that I'm going to build. Included in my purchase were several flyers on new kits, materials and other interesting things that I might need as I roll back into O scale.

Here are the specs for the siding.  The sheet is in great condition, free of knots and rough spots, and most importantly it is totally flat.  Warping can kill a model and 1/8" is not very thick.  You can bend this quite easily.

The marker label on the back comes off cleanly with a gentle tug.  Richard Bendever is a master model builder, so he knows to think ahead on things like this, unlike some other suppliers that I use.  That is why I go to Dr. Ben's for my scratcbuilding needs.  Not only that, he can help me solve problems and answer questions.

Doctor Ben's Scale Consortium
910 Millvale Place SW
Lawrenceville, GA 30044-6239
Customer Service: 770-666-8100

Well, that and he's just a great guy.  Check out his website and see all the great products he makes and sells.

Beautiful wood at a great price and delivered quickly.  Hang on while we get ready to build a small station.  You can get a copy of the station plans here from the On30 Annual.  Haven't ever read a copy?...oh are you missing something!  If you know Chris Lane, tell him I said hi and I can't wait for the 2014 issue!!!

Here is the Winnecook Station that we are going to build!

Winnecook Station Plans and Story

You can buy back issues of the magazine from the website below.  I have the whole set, and if you are into On30, you should have these handy magazines.

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