Sunday, November 17, 2013

Scott's Christmas List

Having gone through my shop in detail over the past few months I'm starting to realize that some of my tools are totally worn out.  My dremel tool has been on my desk since I was 15 years is 34 years and totally shot.  Time for a new one, and Wally-Mart has them on sale!

Decided it might be good to keep a running Christmas list of things my wife and family could get me, or that I can get for myself with gift cards later.

You can see it over on the right hand side of the screen...

Noticed my Xuron track cutting tool is showing some wear, so I'll relegate it to the wiring and electrical department, and get a new one.  I'm about to lay a lot of track, and plan to help Thayne, better get a new tool.

I'm also out of stock parts for scratchbuilding.  Usually I keep about two bags of Grandt Line "grab bags" of doors and windows, so I'll work on getting those.

Make yourself a list!  It saves time when you go to the store or hobby shop, can help friends figure out what to buy...and most importantly, keeps you from buying duplicates!!

Merry Christmas!  ...almost!


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