Monday, November 4, 2013

046 The Augusta Railway - Getting Ready for Roadbed where were we?  Oh yes, entry 46!  I don't think I ever posted the cookie cutter roadbed photos, so I'll do that tonight.  Spent about two hours cleaning up the basement and putting away stuff from the train show.  Lots more room now!  I'll work on cleaning the room a little more tomorrow as it doesn't get used much during the summer.

The layout was designed to be changed to On30 should I want to.  There is a question about scenery as I love Utah landscapes, so we'll noodle that some more.  For now it is still the Augusta railway.  All of the pieces are cut out so all I have to do is start elevating and mounting them.

I'll need to saw a small part of the loops to disconnect them.  Kept them this way just to make it easier to move.  Before I get started, since it has been a while, I need to go back and check the elevations and clearances for On30.

One of the pieces was cut wrong, as I forgot I had made a change and didn't post it to the drawings.  Duh.  Oh well.  I can easily fix it.

If you see the wharf track way down at the end by the stairs you can see that it doesn't parallel the benchwork edge.  No worries, I'll just cut it off and manually change it.

Here you can see my mistake a little clearer.  I want the river to flow right next to the track along a dock scene.  I love for people to see water when they first look at the layout.  Somehow, water gives life to the trains.

Lots to do.  The goal is to come down here and spend 30 minutes a day.  I want trains running for Christmas for my kids.  At the train show Taylor went back to the Timesaver switching puzzle at least four times and had a ball, so I have to get a throttle in her hand.


  1. Glad you are continuing on the layout. Don't let a few people kill your model railroading buzz.

  2. LOL...what about a LOT of people, Riley? Like 18,000 NMRA members?

  3. Will you be able to use that beautiful wharf you built a while back?

  4. Scott - Glad you found your trains’re a good man. Sure wish you'd look twice at the AP but I understand your position on things. I’ll try dipping my toe in again next year. In the end I have no love for train shows and don’t make a very good joiner or a very good friend. Lone wolf is the place for me it seems.

  5. Thanks for the comments Mark! My thought on the Achievement Program is...why do I need to jump through hoops and build stuff I don't particular want to build all to prove that I know something I already know to someone who really doesn't care? I'm out!

    1. Same reason you get an Eagle Scout or climb a mountain - Because you can!

      Seriously - Enjoy the trains and forget the people. Trains never disappoint...people always do :-)

  6. Hey Martin! I sold the warf...but don't despair! I'm building a BETTER one! Got a nice place for it on the end of the layout. This one will be a bit lower to the water.


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