Wednesday, November 27, 2013

060 The Augusta Railway - More Cork!

Let's finish up the roadbed on the hidden staging shall we?  Probably going to need some help.

I'm not sure if Taylor comes down to help me with the layout, or does it just so she can stay up late.  She knows I'll let her stay up because I lose track of time when I'm in the basement.

We need more push pins, so I set Taylor on the task of twisting and pulling each pin out of the cork and putting them back in the box.  You twist them to break the glue bond and to loosen them from the cork.  Otherwise, you can pull the cork off the roadbed.  She does a great job.

Next we take the very last section and coat it in glue.  Enough to cover the surface, but not so much it oozes out from the cork.

We worked together cutting cork and aligning it on the roadbed.  All done!  Both of us have glue all over our hands.

The cork is down.  Let's get it read for track work!

While I went over the cork with a fine grain sanding block, Taylor came up behind me and swept away the dust.  We make a great team.

She notices a rough spot on the turnout and sanded it down.  Wish my eyes worked that good. on to the track work!

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