Thursday, November 21, 2013

054 The Augusta Railway - Roadbed and Sawdust Part 2

Now for the hard part.  Time to finish the cookie cutter roadbed.

Using a small card table I moved the piece down where I could get a good view of it and mark some things.

Something wasn't measuring right, so I put the piece back up on the benchwork.  Yup, this piece is too wide and I mark it for trimming.  This is a base plate a zero inches and is for mounting a turnout for the staging tracks.

I'm going to leave this overhang intentionally because I may have to adjust some things to work the crossover turnouts in and it is a bit tight.  Better to leave it and cut it out later.

With the help of Taylor, my daughter, we drew in the curves and cut outs with a flexible steel ruler and Sharpee marker.

After making a lot of sawdust (thank you Taylor for the clean up help!) we finally have the finished cut out piece.  It fits well.

All of this will be about 1" up from the benchwork but I separated the upper piece because it may have just a slight decline in elevation.

The overhang will remain until I lay the track.

This part was trimmed and fits well.  I declined to cut the rest of the roadbed here just in case I need to move this track out a bit.

This gives me more wiggle room to put the track in, and the bridge above.

Yeah!  We're all done!  Now to make another list.

DRAT!  I made a mistake.  Remember when I was interupted?  I marked the board at the wrong cut mark and missed the section divide.  DRAT!  I'll have to fix that somehow...but hey...that is what model railroading is all about.

See you later!

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