Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Visit From Santa!

My dear friend Rick Wade down in Florida is always kidding around.  He mentioned on my blog the other day not to buy a Xuron tool, that I might just get one for Christmas.  Always the kidder...never thought about it again.

Then this arrived in the mail yesterday.  Too funny!  Thanks Rick!  Just what I needed for my track work as the old one was getting worn out.  The one that was worn has a funny story, too.  I loaned my cutter to Steve Austin, my On30 buddy in Georgia, while we were at a train show working on modules.  He was just going to cut a piece of track and come right back.  Fellow was gone for hours!  Finally he came sulking back over and handed me a brand new Xuron tool in the pack.   I started laughing and just had to know what he was up to.  He then showed me the tool I had loaned him with the jaw broken clean in half.  It was obvious that it was just a flaw in the metal and not his issue, but he insisted on getting me a new one.  That's just the kinds of fellows, both Rick and Steve, that make this hobby great.

I always take a Sharpee and write TRACK ONLY on the new Xuron tools.  This way I don't try to cut other things and mess up the blades.

I'll write it on both sides so I can see it no matter which way I grab it.

The old set has the TRACK ONLY marked out with X's and will continue its life on my electronics workbench for snipping wires and brass rod.

Thanks for the gift Popsicle Rick!  You are the best!  I'm about to steal one of your ideas for my layout, so stay tuned to the blog.  You can see Rick's old layout HERE while he builds the new Richlawn V2!

Now about that Ferrari that I wanted...

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  1. Scott,

    I'm glad you like you gift. You've taught me so much I just wanted to give you a little something back. I never would have started blogging if it hadn't been for you. Enjoy! Rick


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