Monday, November 18, 2013

Model Railroad Hobbyist

If you haven't learned about the Model Railroad Hobbyist, let me introduce you to the hobby's finest model railroad magazine at the amazing price of FREE!

My good friend and Master Model Railroader Larry Smith just climbed on board to be the new Narrow Gauge and Branch Line columnist.  You can bet you'll see some good articles for the narrow minded.

I've finally decided to drop my Model Railroader (by Kalmbach) subscription as it seldom has anything that I need in the magazine.  Save myself a ton of money and move over to electronic.  Especially now that I have a tablet computer and can carry it to the bath tub!

Larry is not the only friend that is writing for the MRH.  My buddy Rick Wade down in Florida has published a few articles as well.

Good luck with the new gig, Larry!


  1. Scott,

    Don't buy those track cutters - maybe a friend will send you them as a gift?


    1. Your friendship is plenty enough! When are you coming to Utah?


Thanks for your comment!