Saturday, November 30, 2013

063 The Augusta Railway - Windows and Doors

A box came in the post today.  Yippee!

My Grandt Line windows and doors arrived today from Caboose Hobbies.  I'll never forget going there for the first time and marking it off my bucket list.  A model train store (no race cars or planes) and they have grocery carts.  Not kidding!  They have an amazing collection of parts, so I figured I could get what I needed there.  They arrived about a week after ordering them.  Price was list for Grandt, which is a bit high, but not if you can get them I guess.

The box was very heavy duty for just plastic parts, and packed nicely with peanuts and an invoice.  No damage on this one, for sure.

I bought three sets of doors and two packs of windows which will give me enough to make two small stations and put some spares in the parts cabinet.  We can work on the station now!

I use my camera as a tool as well as just for taking pictures.  This is a reminder of a train show that I picked up at the Train Shoppe.  I'll send this to my office to put on my calendar.

Here's another one for the Hostler's club, which I belong to.  This is a great show, probably the best in Utah.

Work time.  Not always fun and games here in the shop.  I'm about to lay a dozen or more turnouts and I need my belt sander.  It is VERY dirty as it has been in the garage near my chop saw.  Cleaning time!

I was brushing the dust off but there is a ton of it and I don't want it in the shop so Taylor got the vacuum for me and we cleaned it up a bit.

This job should have been done outside as I'm generating a fine dust of wood and metal filings.

Dust just gets everywhere!  I need a vacuum in the shop from now on.  After vacuuming I cleaned every inch with 409 spray cleaner and wipes, along with a dusting brush.  It is nice and clean now and under the workbench.  I need to find the belts and sanding pads and change them out so I can be ready for track laying!

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