Sunday, November 24, 2013

057 The Augusta Railway - More Work on the Station Platform

Let's give the platform and wood walls some color!

This is my first time modeling the wild, wild west.  Things have a much different color and weathering pattern here.  I'm known for modeling structures too dark (ink stains) so this time I'm going light and correcting the color as I finish the model.

Using cheap acrylic paints from Wally Mart, I make a series of stains using raw umber, burnt umber, raw sienna, gray, and brown.  Each new color gets 4-10 planks.  I shake them up and then pull them out to dry with a pair of tweezers.  They will sit on the paper towel for a while and dry, occasionally being stirred around and separated.

The ties are various reds and brown.  I mix them all up and key stirring them.

The stringers won't be seen for the most part but still get a coating of raw sienna.  This is a very light wash of paint and water, brushed on quickly so as not to wet the wood too much.

To speed up drying I use my shop light which has an incandescent bulb and gets very hot.

The walls get a wash of the raw sienna as well.  I wash BOTH sides so that there won't be any warping.

The depot roof and sides are place under the heavy glass top of my table to prevent warping and will be left for several days to dry.

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