Wednesday, November 13, 2013

050 The Augusta Railway - Bridge Over Troubled Waters

While the station is on hold, I need to work on the next project which is a set of bridges for my layout.  I found a great article in the On30 Annual 2007 on a set of bridges.  The magazine is still available, but the drawings are not measured and hard to read, and the truss drawing doesn't match the model.  The drawings were hard to expand, so I decided to just draw them myself.   Use my drawing instead, which is slightly different.

Using 3rd Plan It I whipped out just the trusses in a few minutes.  Printed copy matches the dimensions.

On the drawing I put the board stock dimensions.  I've got a Micro Mark table saw and will cut my own wood.  While these saws are outrageously expensive, almost as much as a good full size saw, they make their cost back in just a few projects and you don't have to keep a stock of $300 worth of wood.

For inspiration here is a similar type whipple truss bridge on the Durango and Silverton.  I like the weathered look and will probably duplicate this.  The plan is to make several of these bridges, two for my layout and one or two for my first modules, so I'll make jigs for these.

I'll draw some more this week.

More later!

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