Sunday, November 17, 2013

051 The Augusta Railway - #1 On30 WISEMAN / YORKE 18' WOOD FLAT CAR W/ STAKE POCKETS

It has been a while since I modeled On30 and I'm glad to be back in it.  What I am discovering is that while I was tinkering with HO, the size on On30 cars shrank!  My fleet is now too long as compared to the newer 18' cars that are available.  So, I guess I need to acquire a few and work with them.

Mail!  I love to get mail.  Believe it or not this little envelope is a kit!  My first 18' car in On30.  I ordered this from Keith Wiseman of Wiseman Model Services at over his Ebay store.  Just search for Wiseman Models.  Keith is located at 898 Black's Cross Road, Paris, Kentucky 40361or 859-4848-9573.  His email is  

The kit is the On30 WISEMAN / YORKE 18' WOOD FLAT CAR W/ STAKE POCKETS.  Thomas Yorke is a friend of mine in Atlanta and a very talented designer of kits.  I ordered the car on 11/12 and received it on 11/14, which is great considering I live in Utah.  The kit was adequately packaged. An email was sent to Keith to ask which couplers I should use on this, but I didn't get a response.  The kit cost $24.95 which I thought was fair considering it has trucks included.  The shipping was $5.00, but since the stamp was $2.07 I thought it was a bit high.

The kit comes in a resealable bag.  I'm not crazy about this for resin castings as they can bend and warp.  Would much rather have a box.

The parts consist of resin cast body, metal wheels, and injection molded details.  So far they all look clean and crisp.

The instructions are a bit cryptic to say the least.  He even admits it in writing.  If you haven't built a lot of craftsman type kits before you will probably fail.  Hopefully, we'll finish the kit here and you can see step by step how to finish it.

Opening the packaging I can see two clean and detailed flat car parts; a frame and top side.  The trucks are in in kit form in a separate bag, and the detail parts are in another bag.  There are three loose brass rods for the underside.

Anybody have a coupler recommendation?

Maybe I can get started on this tomorrow...we'll see.

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