Wednesday, November 20, 2013

053 The Augusta Railway - Roadbed and Sawdust

I usually have to wait to Saturday to saw as my kids are small and go to bed early during the week.  Today is Saturday.  Saturday means....SAWDUST!

Remember that cutting list I made?  Well, let's get out the saws!  First job is to finish up the hidden staging are in the back.

The first board requires two cuts, one to shorten it and one to reduce the width.

I deemed my old table saw unfit and unsafe, so I'm using a circular hand saw to make the cuts, doing it along the length of a steel rule to keep is straight.  It is raining today so I didn't take photos of the cutting.  Here is the finished board.

The next board needs the end trimmed and need cutting along the split in the sections.  Again, with the circular saw we knocked it out.  I marked on the board where the pieces go and which way they face.  Labeling your work makes it easier not to do something wrong.

There!  The roadbed for the hidden staging is all cut.  We'll lay track on it and screw it down later next week.

Two items completed on the list!  The list really makes the work go faster and reduces mistakes when you have several days of waiting in between work.

I skipped down to the bottom of the list to work on the legs since I need the benchwork level in order to work on the remaining cookie cutter roadbed.

I was attacked by an evil little elf with a stuffed kitty.  She is fascinated with what I'm doing and watched me from the recliner most of the afternoon.

Something interrupted me and I decided to work on the pier because it was less tricky.

I cut the separation where the sections are, and cut off the pier track so that I have flexibility in where I want to put it.  Did I mention that I was interrupted several times while doing this?

Test fit of the board says everything is ok.  Another interruption of crying children.

The pier track can be moved around to make it more of a custom fit.  Not exactly sure where I want it yet.

More items marked off the list.

Ok, back to the legs.  I removed one leg at a time and mounted an adjustable foot after trimming the leg slightly.

With both legs mounted again on adjustable feet and a wood plate, I was finally able to level the layout perfectly.

Here is a small square of plywood, leg and adjustable foot.  That's all for this post...more tomorrow!

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