Sunday, April 1, 2012

004 Geneva Steel Corp in HO - Delays - So Working on Buildings

The Mighty Paul is going to be moving, or so is the plan.  So I'm in limbo waiting until he gets relocated.  He says it will be next week, which is good.

DCC Randy surprised me a few weeks ago with a set of tracings from all of the Walther's steel buildings.  This is really handy as I can draw them for the layout.  We'll do that today.

I also stopped by Home Depot and looked at the luan closet doors.  This "layout on a door" construction is very cheap and easy, and requires minimal amounts of tools and dust.  We'll probably use this for Paul's layout design.  Lowe's has a bi-fold door set that would work great and is pre-painted.  It is a little smoother than the rough luan doors.  The price is $55, but I'll go ask them if they have any scratch and dent deals.  Home Depot had a set for $49.  We'll use Lowe's dimensions for the design.

ReliaBilt 36" x 80" Flush Hollow Core Composite Interior Bifold Closet Door

ReliaBilt 36" x 80" Flush Hollow Core Composite Interior Bifold Closet Door

Let's go to the drawing board!

 First, I'll sketch in the two doors at 18" x 80" each.
 There are several ways to connect them, but my guess is that Paul is going to want them as a corner shelf layout.
 Next, I'll draw the rolling mill from DCC Randy's sketchs.  That was easy.  There are three access ports at the bottom and I drew in the center lines.

 The mill was much harder.  Without seeing the instructions, I couldn't figure out how Randy's drawings went together, so I used a sketch that I found on the internet.  Now I'm confused because apparently there are two or more releases of the kit and there are upgrades.  Best to design it with a LOT of flexibility.

 These are HUGE buildings in HO scale.  They swallow up the 18" wide shelves.

We'll, I started playing with it and frankly there are more than a bagfull of marbles here.  Radiuses will be tight, elevations even tighter.  Its just not enough room.
I'll wait to see the space where Paul moves too.  Maybe he can squeeze in 24" deep doors.  Right now, there is just too much structure.  The next step would be to cut whole structures in half...but not sure he wants to do that.


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