Saturday, April 14, 2012

006 The Utah Night Shift - Edits and Layout Placement

I've been playing with the placement of the layout in the room.  Mainly for ease of construction and for a possible 4th table should I need something else for my NMRA AP Certificates.

Here is what I'm going to do!

While this blocks the VIEW of the fireplace, it does not block the fireplace from blowing heat.  There isn't a fire safety issue here as this is a glassed in gas fireplace.  We're good.

Its open so that operators can get in easy, still having two feet of clearance in the back.  Also, there is room to add a six foot extension in case I need it.

We're good!  Tomorrow I'll start building the other tables.


  1. I was just realizing why the track plan seems familiar to me. Reminds me of a modified Timesaver with an elaborate Inglenook switching plan. Just new to reading your blog, maybe you already mentioned that earlier...

  2. Actually, it should remind you of the legendary Heart Of Georgia layout...another that is not a switching puzzle, but a layout based on real trackage!


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