Sunday, April 22, 2012

015 The Utah Night Shift - I Hate Pink Foam!

I really hate pink foam.  After you look at it for a while it will drive you insane.  It also looks terrible in photos.  So, let's paint it!  I always paint the foam.  This 1" foam I'm using didn't have a protective film of plastic on both sides so the printing ink (black) was smeared all over it.  This renders it difficult to draw track center lines.

Needless to say, I always use the best paint possible!  I used a pint of Behr Premium Plus Interior Semi Gloss Enamel in Sand color.  Ok, I lied.  That is the paint I used, but I bought it off the Home Depot rejects rack for $2.00.  What a deal.  This paint has a built in primer and gave the pink foam the best covering I've ever seen for one coat.  For those that have painted foam before, you know it is hard to paint as the color won't always stick very well.

Of course, if you are going to work at painting, you need to recruit some manual labor!  Here' Taylor with a paint brush and rag around her neck.  I was painting on one side, she painted on the other.  It was a great teaching moment for her as she got to learn about using the big brush, how to prevent drips, making long strokes, etc.  She did a great job!

The 52" benchwork is so high for her, but she is a trooper.  I'm still wondering if I made a mistake by building it so high, but if I don't it will kill me trying to lay track and detail the layout.  We'll keep it here for now, but the legs are removable.

Taylor is quite diligent in her work and loves to help.  Her painting was almost flawless.  She even had to go back and clean up MY drips!

The sand color gives me a great base to work off of.  It is a light color, easy to see and easy to mark with a Sharpee.  It is close to the color of the high desert dirt that is here.  I always use a tint lighter than the real ground cover.  Most people say a shade lighter...but that is incorrect.  To darken a color you "shade" it by adding black.  To lighten a color, you add a "tint" of white.  Next time your wife paints her nails with a "shade" of pink, you can correct her as all pinks are tints of red.  She'll slap you, of course.

 There!  All three sections are painted.  Sorry for the bad photos, but the new lighting is coming soon!

We'll let these dry and when I get a minute we'll start working on mounting the three sections together.

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