Monday, April 16, 2012

008 The Utah Night Shift - Industries Part II

Here are more industries on the line.

Abandoned Warehouse

This is an empty warehouse that is no longer in use, at least, not at the moment.  I love this building because of its concrete construction and plan to build it for the layout.

 There once was trackage here and I plan to put in some hand laid, buried track in the weeds.  Graffiti and building damage will also be represented.  I might build this one complete and then cut it down so that I can get AP points for the Structure in a contest.

R. C. Willey

This is a prominent furniture company here in Salt Lake City.  The desk I'm using to type this blog was from Willey.  This is a store/distribution center and will work perfectly for the layout.

I've not seen boxcars at this location so I may drop by and inquire within about their rail service.

Wastach Metals

The siding is no longer in use and a fence separates the old track and the building.  But hey!  Its my layout!  And I love scrap metal!  Its a great source for beat up gondolas to visit, so we'll probably reacitvate the siding and get business going again.

Of the derelict sidings on this line, this is my favorite.  Grass, dirt, rust, and everything that I love about industrial switching.

Wood Products Company

I can't determine from Google Maps or Bing Maps what this business is, but I'll drive by there and figure it out.  Certainly it is a wood products plant as we can tell from the dust collection.  I have photos of several box cars at this plant and the multiple locations make for fun switching.

I like the curve on this siding making the building cut at an angle, but I'm not sure I have the room to model it.  Maybe I'll put it over by the sorting yard and move Wasatch Metals.

Lots of fun stuff here!

More later!

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