Monday, April 16, 2012

007 The Utah Night Shift - Industries

So far I've penciled in the industries, so after Saturday's adventure I'm going to start finalizing them.

Fish Feed Mill (really called something & sons)

First is the Fish Feed Mill.  This plant produces fish food for hatcheries and is a very big facility.  I didn't get any pictures but here is what Bing Maps has to offer:

This is a very interesting place with its mix of old and new structures, tanks and my favorite TANK CARS.  I'll have to selectively compress this and it may be flipped due to the sidings.  It is run down and old, but has a very prominent fish logo painted in bright colors.  My thought is that it probably takes in covered hoppers as well.

Transloading Facility

This is the busiest place on the railroad for industrial traffic.  While all of the cars in the yard are plastic pellet cars, there are ramps and other gadgets for offloading other cars.   The yard had several specialized pellet hauling trucks and trailer rigs.  Next to the yard is a Trax repair yard with a large selection of materials.

Most of a train is here and my guess it is the best place to start midnight railfanning.  The area is very accessible for photography.

Engine Servicing

This is the area where Savage and Utah Railway locomotives are serviced, along with the office buildings.  It, too, is an industry and will take supplies.

There is actually a wye here, but the whole operation is a long way from the blue line that I am modeling, so for the sake of selective compression, we'll leave it out and consolidate this to one track.

More later!

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