Wednesday, April 25, 2012

018 The Utah Night Shift - Track Plan Changes Part 2

Let's keep working on the changes.  The benchwork is ready for track, so I want to get started this weekend!

 In order to work in the full Skretting's fish food plant, I need to swing the transloading facility around to the other side.

 Here it is going into the corner the other way, opening up some room.  I like the longer lead...but that may become another siding.

 I moved the street (have to have the street for operating fun...can't block a street for more than five minutes) and put the factory back in.  But I don't like the factory.

 Ok, let's put in a cement silo company.  This one will go on and off for service and since cement hoppers are small, its a good fit.

 I rebuilt Skretting's which now has the prototypical and very odd siding layout.  It really is this, see for yourself below!  The second siding overlaps the first siding.  Just had to do that!

Here is the Skretting plant.

Ok, so we've moved around a lot of track.  I'll print a copy and study it a while...then make another move or two.  Once I get it settles, we'll have an operating session on 3rd Plan It!  It is a great way to test the plan.

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