Saturday, April 14, 2012

004 The Utah Night Shift - Trip to the Hobby Stop

I'm finding that the hobby shops in the area are really very different that hobby shops in Atlanta.  I miss my friends at Trainmaster Models in Buford, GA!  For instance, few really carry any track.  Almost none carry Walther's track components.  So if you want to build a layout, you HAVE to order track.  You can't go pick it up.  Only two stores had any concrete tie track, although it is very common here in this part of the country.  So this morning I grabbed Super Thayne 13 the Viking and with kids in tow, drove to Orem.

 The Hobby Stop is a deceptively small store in Orem, Utah.  Small, but packed full of goodies in almost every scale.

 Today Roger is in the store.  He's a friendly and helpful fellow.  We talked about Walther's track, DCC systems and keeping my daughter's little hands off the detail parts.

 I actually bought this from the Train Shoppe in Salt Lake City, but forgot to put a picture on the blog.  I love old water towers and how they add some vertical-ness to a layout.  We will build this one in black and add ample rust.

Rebuilding a Layout from A to Z (Model Railroader's How-to Guide) by Pelle Soeburg was available and since he models modern day equipment I thought I'd pick this book up.  I'll review it soon.  You can buy it on but it is incorrectly authored by Don Mitchell.

 Twelve sticks of concrete tie Atlas code 83 track.  Expensive...but perfect for modeling Trax mainline.

 I thought I'd get a present for Bench-Mark Evans...something that he could put together without much effort.  Doesn't even need glue!

 $15 for this high side gondola for Wasatch Metals is a good deal.  Steel wheels, good detail, automatic couplers.  Perfect!

 In and industrial area pallets are all over the place.  I bought a pack.

Bumpers for the ends of my yard tracks and some spurs.  Always handy.

Thayne and I had big fun!  After coming back home we spent some time railfanning the area I'm modeling.  He knows all the streets so it was great having him along.

Time for lunch!

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