Tuesday, April 24, 2012

017 The Utah Night Shift - Track Plan Changes

My philosophy is that a track plan is ALWAYS DYNAMIC.  It can change at any time.  Many folks design their layout and once its on paper the way that they want it...it is set in stone.  My thought is that it can change at any time.

So far I like what I have, but I really want to make some changes now that I know so much about the industries.  There are some additions that I need to make for NMRA Achievement Program areas as well.  Let's get started!

 NMRA's AP Civil requirements let me construct a crossing as one of three trackwork items.  I had these installed once before, but yanked them out.  I've decided that since I've hand laid crossing before and these are not in the way of regular operating, that i'll put them back and and scratch build them.  There are two...you build the first one, then you build the second one the CORRECT way and have it evaluated!  Wiring and demonstrating the operation of a crossing is also an item in NMRA AP Electrical, so we'll knock it out, too!

 This is actually the new main line going to other parts east.  If I move and expand the layout, this is a natural extension for other industries.  You'll have to be careful crossing the double tracks in the day time!

 The main line didn't really look like it would have been engineered that way, so I ripped it out here.  We want the main line to flow through and out of the section.

In this modified version the main line smoothly runs through the layout section and over the double track Trax main.  We've added a crossover which now makes a passing siding (although a bit small).  This give us a switcher pocket on the back of the passing siding.  The switching lead is running over Big Cottonwood Creek and you can manipulate the yard now without fouling the main line - which is more like the prototype and more in line with AP Civil requirements.  We also have a three track yard and the loco service track.  Got a bit crowded, but we can remove some yard tracks after the AP evaluation.

Enough for today!

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