Thursday, April 19, 2012

013 The Utah Night Shift - Benchwork Week Part 3

Rain, rain go away!  Wow...can it rain all vacation?  I had planned to get out and run, ride bikes and chase the kids around the park but it is insane with the rain.  Oh well, more time indoors.

The good news...the benchwork is built!

 The morning was about doing honey-do lists and of course that means a trip to Home Depot.  I have needed some more Quick Clamps for a long time but never bought them because of the cost.  This set was on sale and it was $26.00.  You can't get two bar clamps for that so I bought two sets.

 Here is what I got for the $52 total...16 clamps, four of them bar clamps.  Can't pass that deal up!  Go get some while you can.

 Putting the legs on sections two and three is the chore of the day.  I made a mistake on one, putting the brace below the lower 12" line instead of above and made everything crooked.  Took a while to fix.  The rest of the construction went quickly.  The tables are sturdy and level and square.  A big accomplishment for your's truly.

 Later in the evening Taylor came down to help.  She was spreading out the foam glue on the table tops while I used the caulking gun.  She's almost seven now and takes directions well.  While I regret having built the layout so high (52" for me, which is perfect) it is a bit of a stretch for her.  We do have two of these small stools that bring her up to the action.  Taylor helped me clamp a spare piece of foam on the top cover foam sheet for the section.  We're letting it dry over night.

 Section two has six legs instead of four.  This is so I can add a shelf on the left hand side for the DCC system and other components and rolling stock. We'll do that tomorrow.  This construction is VERY solid, much more so than the other two.  But once they are in a "u" shape together, they will be stout.

 We glued section two's top foam sheet on as well.

 I still love my moving tool center.  It always comes in handy.  I've written about it in other blog posts, so it should be easy to search on Google.

 The ham loves working on the layout and comes down anytime she can to help.   It was past her bedtime and the eyes are droopy...

She got ahold of the camera, so this is here eye view of the layout and her daddy.  The double chin has to come off.

Oh!  The new locomotive arrived today!  Just as expected.  I'll get it out over the next two days and make a video so that we can see how she sounds.

Good night!

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