Monday, April 23, 2012

016 The Utah Night Shift - Lights, Camera...Its Too Dark

I've had trouble finding a good electrician for my basement lights, so I'm still in the dark with the can lights that are there now.  Many of my photos look terrible.  My plan is to put in the lights myself one day with I have two hours to myself.

My goal this year is to improve my photography skills....mainly so that I have a better chance at getting published.  The number one reason I've been rejected by Model Railroader was my photos...not the article or the copy.  In fact, they loved the Scott is going to learn to take better model photos while building his new layout.  For those that follow my blog...start watching my pics and please give me feedback.  But wait until I get the new lights.

I've been learning some from Mark Rindflesh and he will be doing two clinics on photography this year...Mark's work is fabulous!

He's also given me some pointers on using Lightroom software and I'm going to get a copy of Photoshop as well.

Today, after reading my friend Popsicle Rick Wade's article on Amazon's photo lights, I ordered a similar set.  He likes his, but I had read that the two bulb stations were better, so I dropped getting a back drop for getting more lights.

Here is his article:  

Here is the set I bought.  Mine will have double bulbs for more light.

I'll bring them in June to the first Photography Clinic so that you can see them.

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