Thursday, April 26, 2012

019 The Utah Night Shift - I See The Light!

Hey!  The lights came in!  Wow, that was fast.  Two days for delivery.

 The carrying case is probably not the most sturdy in the world, but for what I paid all I expect it to do is to keep the dust off of everything.

 There are a lot of boxes inside.  I'm keeping the bulb boxes, but the rest will be thrown away.

 The tripod stands are more sturdy than I expected, which is great.  This will do fine!

 I bought the set with TWO bulbs.  Here is the contraption that holds the bulbs and the reflector.  All are easily adjustable and the unit is quite sturdy.  Oh rats...the battery in my camera went out.  Off to the charger!  I must have forgotten to charge it after the last outing.

  I've not configured the camera yet...lots to read and set.  But I did want to play with the lights some.  Here is a shot of a gray covered hopper using just the room lights and nothing else.  The room lights are CF floods.

 Here is a shot with the camera's flash.

 Here is a shot with the room lights and the camera's flash.

 Here is a shot with only one of each of the two new lighting sets.

And finally, here is a shot with both lights on both tripods...much better.  I'll work to set up the camera for this lighting and we'll try some more later in the week.

I like the lights!

My friend Popsicle Rick wrote a post recently on stacking photos....I've got to try this, too!

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  1. 12/26/12 Follow up. I've used these lights a lot and highly recommend them. The umbrella reflectors are a bit weak and flimsy and I expect to have to replace them. The lights and stands are great and I love the fact that the twin CF bulbs don't turn the room into a sauna. Buy some!


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