Thursday, March 29, 2012

0045 On30 Wasatch & Jordan Valley RR - Building Temple Square Benchwork

Let's continue building the Temple Square section!

 This is strong...but maybe not the way I'd normally build it.  I expect this section to get bumped a lot because it is at the doorway and in a tight passage in an aisle.   We'll keep it.

 I'll add another board and support on the end and finish the main part of the structure.  Now for that odd little corner.

 Using my square's 45 degree angle I measured and cut (with a hand saw) the corner piece.  It didn't look like my best work, but again, it needs to be strong and not pretty.  We'll cover it up eventually.

 There!  All framed!

 Flipping things over repeatedly can get you confused.  So I take the time to mark the parts with up or down or left/right.

 Now to cut the top.  I placed the framework on the 11/32 sanded plywood sheet and traced it with a pencil. I marked the bottom as the sanded side will go up top.

 I'll use a jig or saber saw to cut out the plywood shape.

 Here is the top, ready for mounting.

 The frame is fairly level, which is good.  Any lumps might make the trackwork not level.

 Using glue and 1 1/4" drywall screws I put the top on being careful to countersink each screw so that it does not appear about the level of the wood.

 I checked all the sides to make sure it is level and solid.  It is in fact way over constructed...but will serve its purpose.

 I quick check all around for problems...none...we are good to go.  Using a coarse grade sanding block, I sanded the top to remove splinters and high spots.

 Now we'll sand the section to make it easier to work with.  I hate splinters and already have a few in my hand.

 Using 6" C-clamps I fasten the section to the table to secure it in place.

 This is a belt sander (wood machining unit!) with a coarse belt.

 Usually I knot the power cable like this when I know I'm going to be moving the tool around.  It helps keep the plug assembly together and prevents electrical shock.

 I was especially careful to sand the 6.5" end that mates to another section.  It is perfectly flat now.

All done!  Section one is complete.  Next time we'll start on section two!

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  1. Scott,
    It must feel good to actually be building! I wish that the guys from NCIOG were all there to help you - or if you're doing your "Achievement Thing" we could watch and offer helpful comments, smart remarks, and color commentary!


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