Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Hotel Clinic - Trestles Part 4 - New Trestles

I am stuck in Chicago in the snow.  May get a foot tonight and I hope I don't miss my flight.  Otherwise I'll get a LOT of emails done tomorrow.  I've worked late every night this week, so we are going to watch the Duke game and build some trestle bents.

Here is my new travel kit.  Let's see what it contains:

  1. The box (yes, this can be a tool!)
  2. Scale rule
  3. Hobby knife with cover (very important for travel if security opens the case)
  4. Hobby knife #1 spare blades
  5. Single edged razor blades
  6. Spare hobby knife
  7. Black pen
  8. Two paint brushes
  9. Razor saw
  10. Tweezers - straight tip
  11. Tweezers - curved tip
  12. Toothpicks
  13. Alpha Cyanacrolate
  14. Aileen's tacky glue (tiny bottle)
  15. Craft paint - brown
  16. 3M Sanding sponge cut in half
  17. Plastic strip stock
  18. Wood stock - various
  19. HO scale wood bridge ties
  20. Wood dowels
See the list below for things I wish I had put in the box.

(Item not finished...will have to wait until my next trip to Chicago!)

1.  In hotels the lighting is often terrible, so move a floor lamp to the desk to add light.  Its also better on your eyes.
2.  Desk chairs are often too low for me, and I like my work below my elbows, so I use pillows to elevate me slightly.

Need to add to my box:
1.  Sharpee black marker
2.  Renewable cutting surface

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