Wednesday, March 21, 2012

0040 On30 Wasatch & Jordan Valley RR - Rick's Idea

Besides the comment about my girth (I will get even!) Popsicle Rick did have a good idea about slightly altering the space between the track and the edge of the layout in spaces to give the appearance of not being parallel.  I l like the thought even though it came from a low life L&N modeler.  (See, I'll get even!)

Let's give it a try!

 Let's work inside the cul-de-sac first since we have room to play with.

 On the left hand inside the track is running parallel to the benchwork.  Let's take the benchwork curve and move it into the aisle like this.  Wow...this adds a lot of "beginning the climb" scenery to the layout without sacrificing the aisle!  I love it.  Nobody tell Rick...I'd never hear the end of it.

 Ok, how about the outside.  This curve looks really blah to say the least.  So we'll pull the benchwork out a bit and give it some more scenery in the front.

 We'll fold out the benchwork to meet it and give it a nice "bulge" around the corner.  Yup...I like this.

 Here, I "blistered" the loop and this really gives it more character.  This might be a nice place for a road bridge where houses can come to the smelter.  Great!

 I'd like more scenery around the creek falls, so we'll pull it out a bit as well....nifty!

You know...those few quick "blistering" events did significantly improve the look of the layout.

Thanks Rick!  Even fat guys can learn!   You are still on my @#$@ list, though...


  1. Scott, you are welcome - and I know how hard it is for you to admit that I had a good idea! You know what they say: "Even a blind pig can find an acorn every now and then". Now about that L & N comment........

  2. You tell 'em Rick

  3. Rob,

    Scott and I are in the same Ops group (NCIOC) and barb each other constantly. He was frightened that I would whoop his butt so he ran away to another state! I still miss his ugly mug!



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