Tuesday, March 20, 2012

0039 On30 Wasatch & Jordan Valley RR - Operations

My plan is to operate the layout just like the prototype did.  Essentially there are three railroads here; The Wasatch and Jordan Valley, the Little Cottonwood Transportation Company and the Utah Southern.

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The Utah Southern operates from the Temple Square to Sandy.  From Sandy to Granite runs the Wasatch & Jordan Valley.  From Granite to Alta operates the Little Cottonwood Transportation Company.  The W&JV and LCTC share some track between Granite and the quarry.  Each of the railroads will have its own locomotives.  So instead of having an engineer go over the whole route you have three separate engineers that are responsible for their own Division, more like a switching layout.  Kind of different...and sounds like fun!

The Utah Southern's responsibility is to pick up cut stone from Sandy and deliver it to the Temple Square, along with occasional shipments of supplies.  Might be a good idea to have them haul off rubble from dressing the stonework.  The engineer will have a mini-mogul and will service it at the W&JV shop.  The Utah Southern can also provide interchange traffic for mine equipment and supplies, with cars stored near the shop.

The W&JV will have two mini-moguls and will service the two smelters and the quarry.  The Little Cottonwood Transportation Company (LCTC) will bring ore from the two mines down to Granite where the W&JC will continue its journey to the two smelters.  It will also carry the empties ore cars back to Granite for hauling up the canyon.  The moguls can't go past the quarry due to the steep grade.  This line will also transport passengers from Sandy to Granite.  The locomotives will be serviced as the Sandy shop.

The LCTC travels and arduous route of steep grades, falling rock, and snow.  Its loads are limited, being mostly ore cars and mining equipment or supplies.  However, during the summer months or when the snow has melted it can see passenger service from Granite to Alta City.  This line is staffed by two small shay locomotives equipped with special cinder screens.  The Sandy shops will service these locomotives as needed, but they can get minor repairs at the mining camp.

This is what I'm thinking now.  As always, I love to hear YOUR ideas!!!

Oh..some GREAT NEWS!

One of the Little Cottonwood Shays is still in existence!

That made me happy!

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