Saturday, March 17, 2012

0036 On30 Wasatch & Jordan Valley RR - More Layout Tweaking

Now that we have the general sketch of the layout in place, it's time to do our Top 10 Corrections step.  Let's start our train picking up four gondolas of ore from the mines at Alta City.  Then work our way down to Temple Square, identifying problems with circles as we go.

 Actually, most of what I'm finding is very minor.  I'm not crazy about having the track so close to the edge of the benchwork, but it would have to be there in HO scale anyway, so we'll leave it.  Operationally it is pretty good.

 The station might be moved.  The mines and supporting structures might move a little, but not much.

 I added the backdrop/scenic divider on the lower level, and put a tunnel in temporarily while I decide what to do with the back side.   I'm not sure if I want it visible on the other side and it may wind up being hidden completely.

 Going up and down mountains requires a lot of water, coal and sand.  We'll need servicing facilities at Sandy, Granite and Alta, so I put those in.

There!  Except for a few tweaks, I think the track plan is about done!

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