Tuesday, January 31, 2012

0028 Savannah Central - People From Another Dimension

Ok, I'm big.  Fat.  Round.  I'm tall and fat.  So when designing a layout I really need to figure out if I'm squeezing too much or not.  While I can force myself to keep someone else's layout to spec, I frequently cheat on mind and narrow an aisle are two.  Aisle widths are as critical to good design as the mainline.

First things first.  I went out to the LDSIG group and posted a question asking what size people did they use when designing a layout.  I was surprised to find out that most that responded used people that were larger than what I normally use!  And I'm 250 lbs!

Ok, then we need to get real with the dimension people on my layout!

The person in the middle (we'll call him a dimensionoid) is now much larger.  We will keep him at two feet wide and 16" deep.  I'm actually not quite that big, but it will do.  Some of my friends are quite a bit bigger.

Dimensionoids have height as well, so when we start looking at benchwork, we'll use a six foot, two inch dimensionoid.

With a large tummy out front...

My thought is that an operations session will have four operators on the layout, and a dispatcher off the layout, probably in the workshop.  We'll have the Savannah Switcher in the port, the Twinterchange yardmaster, and two mainline engineers.  Everyone else will have to be in the shop.

1.  Aisle widths are as critical to good design as the mainline.
2. Check your standards once in a while, especially people measurements (dimensionoids) and make sure they are true to what you and your friends REALLY measure out to.
3.  Dimensionoids have three dimemsnions: width, depth and height.

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