Thursday, January 26, 2012

0023 Savannah Central - Purpose Revisited

It's 11:13 pm.  I've been arguing with NMRA idiots for about an hour now and have had enough.  Why I'm in the NMRA is beyond me.  Honestly, it doesn't offer me anything but grief from old fools.  We could have a great club without them of course.  Maybe we should.  I'll ponder that.

I've been thinking about the layout tonight...makes me calm, relaxed.  But I can't sleep.  When I can't sleep, I write.  So you get the brunt of it!!!

Let's kick around the purpose of the layout again.  Originally we had:

Move cotton from the fields through finished textile stages and export

Maybe that isn't the best purpose.  I'm seeing this expanded version of the Dixie Central more as a bridge line for moving traffic from one railroad to another, along the river.  But what about over it?  Maybe the Savannah Central owns a bridge and can get traffic from one side to the other?

We can still move cotton and crops, but also resin, perishables and live stock.  I love livestock ops!

Let's check out what the REAL railroads did!  This is what I hate about have to go back to the prototype anyway to study what really happens in the area you model, so you might as well model the real thing!

My thoughts...look at the Central of Georgia Railway!

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