Sunday, January 29, 2012

0026 Savannah Central - Last of the Cleaning and Prep

 There are still a couple of things to do.  I've got a few minutes tonight before bedtime, so I'm going to vacuum the floor thoroughly.  Photos courtesy of Taylor, age 6.

I've seen some spiders and a few spider remains so we are going to vacuum around the edges well.  Then I'll treat the area with spiders.  It's important to get the room really clean because you are going to generate more dust.

 The carpet is old but high quality and very comfy to the feet.  It will make for good operations.

 I bought a sheet of 3/8 hardboard and had the Home Depot guy cut a sheet for the top of my table.  This will prevent damage to the table as I bring boards and screws and glue to the basement.  Take the time and spend the money to make sure you don't damage furniture and important tools like tables.

A 2 x 4 sheet of of 1/8 tempered hardboard serves as a cover for the cabinet.  My intention is not to put stuff there, but I'm sure drinks, lunch and Cheetos will find there way here.  I spent about $15 for the hardboard pieces and have a few extras for the woodpile.

1.  Take time to clean thoroughly.  It is good for your allergies!
2.  Spend the time and money to protect furniture and valuables from glue, scratches and damage.
3.  Let Home Depot do the cutting for you.  Its free, they can cut straighter with a panel saw, and it saves making sawdust in the garage.

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