Saturday, January 28, 2012

0025 Savannah Central - Still Cleaning...

We are still cleaning out the basement...back to the grind stone.

 First we clean out the cabinet and throw Marie's stuff out.  Well, we'll move it to another cabinet and wait until she leaves town, then throw it out.  I always clean house when she's gone.  Deseret Industries (like the Goodwill) loves it when Marie leaves.

 This is one of three boxes of stuff for the layout.  It includes locos, railcars, turnouts and rail among other things.  It is big and bulky, so we'll put it in the cabinet.

 There!  All done.  I figure that I'll be using this cabinet as we build so I'll make a note to get a 2' x 4' sheet of tempered hardboard to cover it.  Stereo is here...we'll need that for construction.

 Here is the light and build we'll install later this week.

 I'm keeping my daughter's step stool.  She'll need it to reach parts of the layou.

 I propped up the 6' table so that we can clean the floor.

 Nice and empty, and finished.  The perfect way for a train room to be!

 We kept the black trash can, and the fireplace will keep the room warm.

 Wow!  First time I've been able to walk in here in a long time!

 The floor is very dirty.  We have a steam cleaner so I'll clean it thoroughly  There are some dead bugs around, so I'l vacuum first.

As always I keep a pad and pencil handy.  I'll need Masonite (hard board) for a cover for the cabinet and for the table, so I better run to the Home Depot.  See you tomorrow.

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  1. Nothing better than a clean and tidy room! Now plenty of room for trains and other modeling goodies!!


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