Sunday, January 22, 2012

0019 Savannah Central - Switching the Port of Savannah

Ok, we have a track plan for the Port of Savannah, so let's put it through its paces and see if it makes sense.
Here is the port trackage.  Let' turn on 3D!
 The train backs down grade to the port (grades aren't drawn yet) after dropping of the caboose on the Coats and Clarke Mill Siding.  This is allowed per the company rules because I just started a rulebook file and made not of it!
 Let's first drop off the box car and the reefer so that the flat and gondola can be offloaded on to an awaiting freighter.
 Cars are dropped, and the turnout is thrown.

 We'll back down to the portside track and leave the two cars for unloading.

 We'll pull the loco forward and go get the two cars we just dropped off. Actually I probably wouldn't do this maneuver like this but its late and I wasn't thinking.

 The box and reefer move up...
 And pick up the empty reefer for its return trip.

 We'll drop the empty reefer off and go place the boxcar and reefer in doors #1 and #2.  Luckily the cars are in order, because if they weren't we'd have to use the run around turnouts to switch their position.  So far the track is working well.

 Cars are spotted at the doors and paperwork is exchanged.  Let's go home!

 We link up to the empty reefer and move forward toward the yard.

Yup...the track plan is working well.  Can't wait to see the real thing run!

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