Monday, January 23, 2012

0020 Savannah Central - Fascia-nating!

On every layout I try to play with new ideas that either were never done before or never caught on, but still were good ideas.  On this layout I'm going to try a fascia idea I came up with a few years ago.

I love dry marker boards!  I love to make notes, draw and think using them.  Home improvement stores carry the raw board in 4x8 sheets.  What if I make my fascia boards out of them?  I can draw and write on them.  Would be great for ops, for repairs and for use during construction.  What I didn't know is whether it would cut, bend and drill very well.

So, let's test it.  I got a 2 x 4 board and brought it home.  My daughter drew on it and erased...was ok.  I cut it and it did chip just a little, but was ok.  I might have to cover the ends/edges.  Drilling was fine.

I'll keep playing with the idea....write in with your comments!

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  1. Scott,

    That's using the old grey matter! What about using "chalkboard" paint? The colors are limited, but you could paint your hardboard fascia and write on it with chalk.



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