Wednesday, January 25, 2012

0022 Savannah Central - No More 3rd Plan It

So here is a fine predicament!  I use 3rd Plan It software to draw the layout, as you see on my daily posts.  When I bought the new computer I had to move the software.  That's when I realized that the temporary password that I had was never updated by Eldorado Software.  So I wrote the owner Randy Pfeiffer and asked him to send me the password I paid for when I updated the software.  I wrote several times in fact.  No answer. Frustrated, I posted on the 3rd Plan It egroup for help.

Later today I got an email from one of Randy's friends and supporters.  It turns out that Randy had brain fact several surgeries, and has not been able to function!  My 3rd Plan It copy has now shut down and I can't draw on it anymore.  Randy did write me today...and he's in bad shape.  Said he would try to help me out.  Lord!  This hobby is just too complicated.  We wish you well, Randy...I love 3rd Plan It!

So instead of drawing the will get my "Belly Dancing for Increased Aisle Width" clinic!

No, that is not me.  Hang in there!  Maybe I'll have the pass code tomorrow.


  1. Scott,

    Too funny! And no, I didn't think that was you (he's not big enough!) Well, now that you lost so much weight I won't be able to make fun of your size - perhaps I'll make fun of your hair? (I wish I had some!)


  2. I did get Eldorado Software to call me back. The owner had to undergo several brain surgeries and is in pretty bad shape. He did get me the password, though. Hope you get well soon Randy!


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