Friday, January 6, 2012

0004 Savannah Central - Climbing the Walls

Thursday night I started drawing very late and was quite tired.  Still, I pressed on.  The best way to make mistakes is to do detail work when you are tired.  Here's the story.

Let's finish the room out tonight.  First, let's put in the concrete block outer walls.

 All of the area around the basement bay is concrete, so we'll make it solid to show it can't be penetrated.

 Next, let's check the dimensions using my original measurements.  Oops!  The very first wall I check is a foot short!  Have to fix that.  Good thing I checked.

 There!  All better.  Now let's draw in the two book cases so that they can be considered in the drawing.  They are 4' x 12 3/4"

 Oh rats.  I put in the dimensions but something went wrong and the CAD system drew an errant box.  It won't erase.  Double @$@#$@.   I tried everything to remove this from the drawing but it won't select or erase.  Here is a good example of why I keep multiple saved copies of the drawing every few minutes.  Now I have to go back and get an older drawing and start again.  Just one of the many perks for using Turd Plan It.

 So I go back and get drawing file 104 and save it as 106, making sure to mark 105 as defective.

 First we fix the long wall again...just love rework!

 I need to enlarge the graph area as I've run out of room on the bottom.  I make two parallelograms and shade them dark.

 I then connect the two with a rectangle and color it solid gray as well.  Then I add the upper walls.

There!  We are done!  Next step is to add dimensions.

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