Saturday, January 21, 2012

0018 Savannah Central - Let There Be.....DARK!

Ever noticed how annoying it is to do electrical work because you are always having to do it in the dark?  Where is that breaker switch?  ZZZZZ-ZAP!  Ok...wrong switch.

The room is finished completely except for one minor detail.  The can lights are romantic but the don't provide any real light.  My eyes have never been the best in the world and Presbyopia (a disorder that makes you stand very close to a Presbyterian in order to see them clearly) has only made it worse.  Bright light is the best thing in the world, so we are going to add some light tomorrow.

This is the ceiling.  I've removed one of five can lights to inspect what is above it.  As suspected there are support joists that are solid (was built in the good old days) and they run the wrong way.  I'm going to put a four light T8 fluorescent fixture in the middle of the room.  Instead of wiring to this light I'll wire it to the light that is near the bookcase and just run the wire up to it.

I'll need:

10 feet of 3-line cable - copper
Junction box and lid
Three wire nuts
Some screws

We'll drop by Home Depot tomorrow and pick it up, and then have a wiring party.  I'm tired of sitting at the desk, anyway.

The good news!  The Dixie Central Layout has gone bye bye.  It is now in the hands of a fellow from New Zealand that loves trains and wants to get his collection rolling again.  I hope to stay in touch with him and see how it goes.


  1. Scott,

    I'm glad you were able to sell your old layout. Please be careful with that electrical - it can be SHOCKING!


  2. Electrical is easy. Plumbing is the hard part. If we had to lay pipe to be model railroaders, half of us would quit. Sheetrock is about as bad.


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