Thursday, January 19, 2012

0016 Savannah Central - Recommendations, Ideas, Changes

One of the reasons I like to blog is because it helps me keep track of what I'm doing and what I've done, then Google can help me find it later.  The other is that I can share what I'm doing with others so that they can pitch in ideas and help me.  And you guys do!

Here are some points from Chuck...

Some questions:
  1.    Would it help to move the bookcases to either side of the fireplace and slide the layout a foot to the left?  Could the bookcases go under the layout?
  2.    It looks to me like you won't be able to walk along with your train all the time.  Am I correct?  Is this important?
  3.    I'm not sure I grasp the size of the room or layout.  Could you insert a figure of yourself viewed from above like MR has taken to doing?  Your wife could take a picture of you from a balcony or a ladder and then you could size it to scale in the computer.

Let's start with the first one.  The two windows that are on either side of the fireplace are escape hatches for the basement.  They cannot be blocked, so unfortunately I can't move them there or block them with the layout.  Drat.  One thing I didn't do is write this in the plan, so I'll add that.

On the second, but I'll be very close.  I will be able to walk along by the train all the time except when it leave the Port to go to the yard (have to go all the way around) and when we pass the engine servicing area to go back to the yard.    So the vast majority of the layout I can walk with the train.  For me, and as slow as I run my trains, it should work fine.  If you wanted to cure that problem you could move the engine servicing loop back and put in a lift bridge.

On the third, I did forget to put in the scale, although room dimensions are posted.  Chuck and I both like a human shape in the room to get the size, so I'll do that.

There!  Instead of using pictures, I use geometric people.  I'm a big guy, so my people are a bit bigger than what you see in Model Railroader.  I like the size "error" so that I design things that are more comfortable.  As you can see from the drawing (labeled 1 square = 1 foot) the four people around the layout (the operating crew) can move nicely.  There are two pinch points, but large passing areas on either side so folks can get around.  Works well.

Enough for today!  Please write and give me your suggestions!  There is no perfect layout.


  1. G'day Scott,

    Such are the joys of planning a layout within a given space that no matter how big, always adheres to the 10% rule, that being that if the space was just 10% bigger, everything would fit!

    I don't know that I have any real solutions, however, in regard to the fireplace step and that peninsula being close to it, have you tried flipping the whole layout design horizontally?

    The current left hand peninsula is much straighter edged on the outside, and the current right hand peninsula could easily jut out to the left more past the book cases if flipped over without causing any isle width loss.

    The extension which runs along the top of the diagram would simply run towards the window, and whist it may be slightly shorter, would still work, I think.

    Again, not sure if this solves too many problems, but a different perspective may spark more ideas.

    All that aside, love following you blog it's always entertaining and thought provoking.


  2. Good idea, Darren....let's jump on the CAD and flip it...see what I get.


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