Thursday, January 12, 2012

0009 Savannah Central - Books, Books, Books

I collect track planning and design books and have quite a collection.  It starts way back when I was seven years old and a teacher gave me a copy of 101 Track Plans that she had taken from another student.  The book is 40 years old now and I do have an updated copy, but still use this one as it has my notes and modifications in it.  With that I have another 50 or so books.  They come in handy for ideas, but now I have 75 years of Model Railroader on DVD so I can just use that for track plans.

Usually what I do when I have a sketch that I like is redraw it in a more defined way.  There are several major glitches in this plan so let's start with a print out of this plan and a clean CAD surface and redraw it.
 I've been starting at the port track, mainly because that is the only good place for it.  We'll make it narrow so that the aisle is 2' wide.

 I'm moving this blob over to the left a little and making the track plan more attractive.  This is a bit of an S curve, so we'll have to check it out further.

 The other blob needs to move left as well, so we'll connect the port and put in a turnout for the loco facility.

Working the blob and the passing siding in here is going to be a problem.  Best left for another day.

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