Friday, January 27, 2012

0024 Savannah Central - Spring - er - Winter Cleaning

When in doubt, throw it out.  Time to clean out the basement tonight!  My, but we have mess.  No delay...let's get started!

 First, we clean up the shop.  Doing clinics makes a mess of my shop so I'm always having to clean it.

 Now for the basement room.  There is a lot of clutter that we just need to get rid of.  Unlike my wife, who would save her own poopies if I let her, I throw things away.  Being a packrat gives me allergies, so if I'm not going to use is gone.  I have some Gatorboard sheets, and old stand, some pink foam, a couple of boxes of train stuff and other things.  Goodbye stuff!

 I cleaned off the table and put the chairs away.  We are going to keep the table for assembly work and photography equipment before the layout gets too big.

 The rolling tool tray gets moved back to the shop, but the step ladder stays here for the light installation in a few days.

 I moved Marie's filing cabinet to the spare bedroom, so I can see the corner.  Dead spiders.  Yuck.  Why does Utah have so many spiders?

 Pink foam goes in the closet for use later on the layout.

 These boxes are locos, railcars and other stuff for the layout.  We need to put them in the cabinets and get rid of the boxes.

 Wow!  Marie actually left one set of cabinets empty!  These are 28" deep as well so they will hold a lot of train stuff.  She won't mind if I throw away a few things.

 The mantle is covered with junk but its all out of the way so we'll leave it for now and put a painting there later.

There!  Wall all on to the rest of it tomorrow

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