Monday, December 20, 2010

Projects - Sorting Out The Damage

I know this is going to be bad because my benchtop models were put in a moving box under two metal tool boxes full of pipe wrenches. I'm scared to see the damage.   

Since its the holidays there is no end of cheese and crackers laying around so I'll enjoy them with a big, cold glass of pomegranate juice.
 The first box contains Pier components and Dr. Bank's Office components.

 There is the main pier.  It looks pretty good.  A few post were knocked sideways and only one came off, so the damage is light.  We'll put that aside for repair.

 The foam pellets (not a good idea for packing) are stuck in the bents.  A good pair of tweezers gets them out without any more damage.

 All in all it came out pretty good.  The repairs won't take any time at all.

 The walls for Dr. Bank's Office are in great shape and are ready to be planked.

 The same for the roof trusses.  Perfect and without any warpage which is what I'd thought I'd see.
 Plans, NBW castings and jigs are all in good order!  Yeah! 

 I placed the long bridge plans under glass to protect them and to let them flatten out as they have developed a curve.

 All of the dimensional lumber is in great shape for Dr. Bank's Office.

 Ouch!  Ok the small pier got creamed a little bit.  This will take some work to straighten out.

 The main pier wall is perfectly ready to be completed.

 I'll put these on the construction bench to be reglued. I may need to fabricate more parts for the repair.  This time we'll mount them on the board and start finishing the model.

To project the delicate parts for Dr. Bank's Office I labeled a spare tub and put the parts in it.

Next the Pier.

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  1. Scott,

    Looking good - can't wait to see the progress on the layout! If I ever move, I'll ask for the name of your mover so I'll be sure to NOT use them!



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