Monday, December 27, 2010

Product Review - Books, Rule, Loco Cradle

This just in!

My favorite model train supplier Trainmaster Models has just put up a new order on line website.  Naturally I have to try it out!  Here's what I bought...

 Book: the Allegheny Midland Lessons Learned by Tony Koester

Hey, I love Tony.  He's added so much to my model railroad knowledge over the decades that I scarf up everything he writes.  What I really like about Tony is that he's not afraid to say "hey, I did this wrong."  This looks like a great book and I'll do a full review when I get through with it.
 How to Build and Detail Model Railroad Scenes Vol. 2
 by Lou Sassi

I really liked Volume 1, so I expect Volume 2 to be great as well.  The pictures are huge!  I'll read it and do a full review.

 Peco Locomotive Servicing Cradle.   

This is a $10 piece of crap.  Don't buy one.  The foam is stiff and scratchy, and it is very, very small.  I doubt a modern loco model will fit in it without rolling over.  Save your cash.  If you have one that you really like, can you post at the bottom and tell me the brand?

The Maxon Scale Ruler

Ok, can you every have enough of these?  Spring steel construction.  Embossed and painted markings.  EXTREMELY precise.  These are extremely valuable to a scratchbuilder and I buy a new one every two years as mine get covered in glue and paint.  If you don't have one, order it now!  The rule covers scales N, HO, S and O.  Each has foot measurements along with smaller breakdowns for precision work.  The only improvement that I can think of is to put a hole in one end in order to hang it up.  The do get "sprung" sitting in a drawer.  I have a special case for mine.

That's all for today!

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