Sunday, December 5, 2010

The New Workshop - Part 7

I've finally had enough of decorating Christmas trees so I headed back down to the basement to take another crack at the workshop.  After last nights operating session, I'm excited to get back to modeling and put in a good four hours.

I needed the closet for storage, but couldn't even get close to it.  The cheap plastic three shelf units were falling apart after the move and were the biggest space culprits, so I figured they had to go first.

 One workbench has remained clean, but the other is still a collection place for things that are small and don't have a location.  We'll leave it alone today.

 I finally found the workshop lights, covered in sawdust and in bad shape.  Not into dust tonight.  Let's just tackle the closet.

 The closet is large.  The big question is shelving or shelf units.  A quick calculation by my wife says to buy some cheap shelf sets and set them in so that I can keep a flexible storage area.

 In the corner there are already some shelves, so we'll leave enough space to use them, too.

 There!  Two $27 plastic shelf units from Lowe's fit very nicely.  I did move them over to the right after the picture was taken.  Plenty of storage!

 These storage drawers are $%!@#%$.  I hate them.  Total waste of money.  Maybe the wife can do something with them but I can't use anything that has wheels and won't roll, and also falls apart.

 I yanked the drawers out and put them on the shelves temporarily.  Now I can actually walk to the closet!

 The first think to unsort are my scenery shakers.  The highly paid, highly trained, long term professionals with a lot of pride in their work (the movers) destroyed this box by shipped in upside down.  All of the scenery material was shaken out into the box.  Arrgh!  I cleaned them up, threw the broken ones away and made a nice label for it.  Then accidentally dumped the remnant material on to the carpet.

 The nicely stacked bags of scenery material are now mixed up.  We'll take each one, sort it and put it in its own box.

 I've got four long boxes to hold 3' track sections, long wood pieces and other raw materials.  One of them holds the materials for the Dixie Central modules.  They will go on top of the shelves since they are so long.

 Since only three of them would fit, the Dixie Central box will stay out here until I start work on the layout again.

 Now I have a place to put my models.  There are about four large boxes full.

More trash for the dump next Saturday!  Great!  It is starting to look a little like a workshop again!  I'm excited!


  1. Hmmm, is it me or does this workshop look considerably smaller than you GA workshop??? BTW Pull up that carpet and neatly roll it up and store it in the attic. Then go purchase a nice high gloss urethane floor paint and save yourself some future grief! Have fun, Ben

  2. Excellent progress. Since you seem to be doing some good load tests of the various organization products, perhaps a post when you finish on what you keep and why - in terms of drawers, storage units, etc - would be very useful.


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