Saturday, December 18, 2010

The New Workshop - Part 17

 It's been a long day, but I finally got a break about 8:00 pm and stepped down to the basement.  I hauled off more trash to the dump this morning, so the hallway is a little less crowded.  A quick trip to Lowe's produce a small profile shelf unit for the corner.

While this unit is cheap and flimsy, it will suffice to hold the small drawer sets for parts as they don't weigh much.

 It tucks away very nicely in the corner.

 Originally I had not planned to install the test track.  For those that haven't seen it before this is a lighted test track.  The top is Plexiglass so that light can show up under the trains where you need to see the trucks and couplers.  It is quite large, in fact too large for this room, but I need the extra light so we'll use it anyway.
 The @#$@% movers ripped the electrical out so I had to spend some time rewiring it.  It has both incandescent and florescent lighting systems.

A test track has to be VERY level in all directions.  However, when I got it installed I realized that the desk is not level.  Or maybe its the room's ceiling that is throwing it off.

 The track was removed for moving.  I will reinstall it later.  We'll have HO, HOn3, N, On30 (same as HO) and O.  Maybe a stick of S, too.  The reason I do this is because I often build things for others and sometimes do repair work for friends.  I no longer build models for money.

 There!  The drawer sets fit nicely on the shelf.  The two other large ones are on the construction desk.

 Just a few more things to go and the workbenches will be complete.

 This is a box of miscellaneous items.  I'll sort this and put it away.

 The lazy Susan will hold the chemicals and adhesives that I regularly use.  The oddball adhesives will go in the drawer.

A good class of pomegranate juice and a snack, then we'll turn again to the floor.

 Both desks are clean and ready to go now.

 Lots of junk accumulated in the floor so we'll throw out the tubs we aren't using and finish putting away the rest.

 I made quick work of this.  On the wall now is the track plan for the Dixie Central, my AP Program layout.  We will be working on it again after Christmas!

 The magnification lamps that are so critical to detail work are now installed.  I have plenty of light now.

 All I need now are two secretary chairs.  This old wood chair has been in my model room since I was 14 years old, and was my father's desk chair when he was a boy.  I like to sit and model with this chair as it brings back memories.

 This desk is where my daughter will build her first model after the holidays.  We'll do a lot of craft work together.

 The closet is in good shape so the last area to work on is this corner.  It looks bad but it is mostly plastic tubs and boxes that just need to be thrown away.

Here, in these boxes are my workbench models that I will soon put back out for assembly.  I can't wait to get started!  Tomorrow I'm taking Taylor to see Santa and the Nutcracker Ballet, so I probably won't be in the shop tomorrow.

Have fun!  Post a comment if you have a question or a better idea for

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