Thursday, December 16, 2010

The New Workshop - Part 15

And the battle rages on!  Tonight we dig deep into the bunker and get desk #2 in order.  Arm yourselves men, and don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes.

 First thing...we have to access the floor under the desk so that we can install the drawers.  Not a job for the cowardly.
 I cleaned this off and we'll start populating it with sharp objects that slice into your fingers.  This is a very handy gadget and I use it all the time.  I'll keep a few hobby knives, pens, pencils, and what not here for quick access.  It will be COMPLETELY filled when I get through.

 A wonderful object!  I use a lot of tape.  What makes this dispenser special is that it is made of STEEL.  It is heavy as lead and that's a good thing because you can distribute tape by only using one hand...something you don't realize is a benefit until you are holding something to be taped with the other hand.  Get the heaviest one you can find!

 Trash has been a real problem.  I've been emptying the can about three times a night.  Junk is everywhere.  I'm using a can instead of a bag because I'm throwing away knives and sharp objects.

 I got the top cleaned off first as I was having a hard time moving.  Now that it is clean we'll move the stuff under the table to the top and sort it.

 Actually it didn't take that long.  My daughter is running in and out so I hand her trash to throw away on each trip.

 While under the table I plugged in the phone.  Now I can chat with my Division friends while I work.

 There!  The mess is gone.  Er...the mess moved to the top.  Ok, now to sort.

 Look at the dust!  I've been sneezing for weeks.  But I clean everything before I put it away which is VERY important in that you want a clean environment for working on models.

 I keep my long wood and bar stock in these long flat "under the bed" storage units.  The bottom one has all types of flex track.  Usually every scale and gauge combination can be found there.

 With the addition of the cabinets we're in business!  I love my soldering station.  It has variable DC, AC, volt meter, soldering station and makes toast.

Dremel parts and pieces from assorted boxes will all culminate in one big box.  I really don't use mine that much so I'm going to put these up on the shelf.

 Next is the pop up table that I've been using to sort materials.  Let's clean it off and get it out of the room as it takes up a lot of space.

 I have THREE drawers full of just paint brushes.  You can't have enough.  Most are leftovers from clinics.
 I have no idea why this meat cleaver is in here.  Its never been used.

 No more pop up table!  Now some of the junk in the hall can come back in for sorting.

It has become a more inviting place.  Soon we'll have models on both benches being constructed.  What fun!

Tomorrow we have to clean out the hall.

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  1. Scott, didn't you see that article on 'how to butter toast with a meat cleaver'?

    Coming along well, Geoff.


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