Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The New Workshop - Part 13

I know you guys are probably getting tired of looking at my mess every day.  I know I am.  The drive to keep working on something that you don't want to work on is called discipline.  One day I'll have some.  Meanwhile, I just keep plugging away.  Tonight I'm going to try to find the bottom of the workbench again.

I've got a goal now.  I want the room in shape and read for modeling on January 1.  Big goal.  Hard to do.
 My but it is a daunting task.  However there is method in my madness.  Now I can start collecting like things such as tools, adhesives and electronic parts all together in common bins. 

 First, let's get the paint off the floor.  Paint has been the number one cause of disaster during the move, so treat it with respect and get it out of your way. 

 There!  I cleaned up the boxes and removed the dust.  Some bottles were in the wrong box, so we moved them.  At this time I didn't go through the paint and throw out the old.  I'll do that some other snowy day. 
 The next thing is to clean out the parts drawers from under the desk.  I've got some glass panels for model building stuck under there, so we'll be very careful.

 Next, we'll add a set of drawers. 

 I put somethings away in drawers and the rest in like bins for further sorting.

 Ok, so I made another pile on the floor.  This one is different in that it is already sorted, or at least grouped for easy sorting.

So the right hand side is still in bad shape, but we are getting there.  Just a little determination and some pomegranate juice and you can get a lot done in 30 minutes a day or more. 


  1. Yes- I think the tide is turning and you are gaining the upper hand. Keep it up! I'm pulling for you.

    Now... I have my own room sized mess I need to tackle and you've inspired me.

  2. Young Tom! Go to your room! Clean it up this instant. And if you find any brass laying around, you can send it over here!


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